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Health organizations and agencies devoted to neurological disorders

Government sponsored networks in areas related to neuroscience research

Health organizations and agencies devoted to psychiatric disorders and mental health

Health Research Organizations


  • The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research is Canada's unique catalyst for advanced discovery. CIAR enables pioneering researchers in Canada and their international peers in diverse disciplines to collaborate on globally-significant challenges at the frontiers of knowledge and understanding with groundbreaking results.
  • The Conference Board of Canada builds leadership capacity for a better Canada by creating and sharing insights on economic trends, public policy, and organizational performance.
  • Dana Foundation This site serves as a gateway to brain information. You will find information about the programs, activities, and publications of the Dana Foundation and the Dana Alliance, as well the latest news about the brain.
  • Health Canada The Economic Burden of Illness in Canada, 1998 (EBIC 1998) and a complementary web-based application (EBIC On-line) offer a comprehensive overview of how the principal direct and indirect costs of illness were distributed in Canada. The primary goal of this report is to supply objective and comparable information on the magnitude of the economic burden or cost of illness and injury in Canada based on standard reporting units and methods.
  • Health Charities Council of Canada (HCCC) represents national health charities of all sizes. Member organizations bring together a wealth of knowledge, expertise, experience and resources, all of which improve the health of Canadians and strengthen Canada 's health system. Through its member organizations, the HCCC is committed to strengthening the health system and to increasing the voluntary health sector's ability to monitor and influence public policy. For the benefit of all Canadians, the Council also seeks to increase health research funding in Canada .
  • The Society for Neuroscience is a nonprofit membership organization of scientists and physicians who study the brain and nervous system. The Society's primary goal is to promote the exchange of information among researchers.